The Ford Mustang GT Is Germany's Greatest Ever Cop Car


If only the police would use it to chase down speeding Audis and BMWs.

Germany's police motorpool is slowly but surely being invaded by American cars. Last year we saw a Corvette get the "polizei" treatment and now the Mustang GT has been added to the force. Just like the aforementioned 'Vette, this Mustang was created for promotional purposes and made its debut at the Essen Motor Show. Wolf Racing was behind this project, which sees the GT getting more power and an adjustable coilover suspension in addition to its sharp new livery. Thanks to a new exhaust and ECU tune the GT now makes 455 horsepower.

Note that the Euro-spec GT is down on power compared to the version sold in America; it makes 421 horses as opposed to 435. Other additions include that spoiler (nicely sized) and roof-mounted lights which will never be used to chase bad guys down. The reason being is that the Mustang GT, like all the cop cars that debut at the Essen Motor Show, will be a spokecar for safety. In this case the cause is safe tuning. The polizei Mustang GT will dedicate 12 months of its life to the campaign, hitting events and car shows to raise awareness. After the Mustang was deemed unfit for service by the Australian police we thought it would never be issued a badge and a gun. It's nice to see that the Germans gave the Ford a second shot at serving and protecting.

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