The Founder Of Pagani Talks Future Production Numbers And Ferrari Vs. Lamborghini


Does the supercar company plan to up production significantly?

We recently shared part of an interview Horacio Pagani, founder of supercar company Pagani, did with Top Gear Magazine. The part we shared concerned hybridization, which Pagani came out against. However, there was much more to that interview. In it, Pagani also shared his preference when it comes to Lamborghini versus Ferrari and where he sees his company come the year 2050. So, which one of the Italian supercar companies does Pagani prefer?

"Lamborghini, but I'm in love with Ferrari. I'm a car enthusiast!" He's a bit more blunt with his answer to Rolls-Royce or Bentley: He's a Rolls-Royce man. So, we know Pagani won't be doing hybrids anytime soon but what else does the future hold for the supercar company? "Our idea is to maintain low production volumes, even in 50 years. Exclusivity and artisanal processes are some of the most important values we have," he said. The goal is to make 50 cars a year. Pagani just built a new facility that could produce many more cars than 50 per year, but that extra space will be used for research and development. Pagani has successfully blended art and automobiles together and is in no rush to dilute the value of his creations by making more of them.

As much as we'd love to see more Paganis on the road we like this strategy. The Mona Lisa wouldn't be special if Leonardo da Vinci painted a couple every year.

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