The Frankenstein Of All Sports Cars Is Finally Here

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Is it the ugliest sports car ever made?

Earlier this year, we saw a few photos of the Hoffman Novague R200 Non-Fiction and it might have been the worst matchup of supercars we've ever seen. While the supercar was starting to take form, the vehicle has finally gone from paper to reality. The Hoffmann & Novague R200 is inspired by the Skoda 130 RS from the 1980s and utilizes a first-gen Audi R8. The R200 ditches the R8's front and rear end for a more retro look, but it doesn't sound as good as it looks. There are hints from every major automaker in the vehicle, which isn't a good thing.

The R200 receives an aluminum body with a variety of carbon fiber parts to keep weight to a minimum. The retro front end includes two circular headlights and a blunt nose that looks out of place. The rear of the vehicle features two rectangular exhaust pipes and a duck-tail spoiler for a classic look. The design of the R200 isn't the best, but the performance specs portray a different picture. Thanks to the R8's V8 engine, the R200 produces 430 hp, which is good for a zero to 62 mph time of 4.5 seconds and a top speed of 174 mph. The interior is uncluttered with a gated manual gearbox and is the best-looking part of the vehicle. The R200 is a running prototype that portrays what the company is capable of, which doesn't look all that much.

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