The Full Nurburgring Experience Finally Comes to Forza 5

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The track you've all been waiting for is available for immediate download.

During Microsoft's press conference at the E3 games expo in Los Angeles, Turn 10 Studios' creative director, Dan Greenawalt, made the announcement gamers have been waiting a very long time to hear: Forza Motorsport 5 has finally added the Nurburgring. All 16 miles, including GP course and track, can be downloaded for free now. According to Greenawalt, it's the best Green Hell ever captured on a video game. "It's by far the most ambitious track we've ever done," said Dan.

"We've had the Nürburgring before in the game, but it's never been delivered like this before. Not by us, and not by anybody." Turn 10 booked the Ring for two full days in order to scan every inch of track using the latest next-gen laser scanning gear.

"The Nürburgring is an all new laser scan, so it's getting to that millimetre of accuracy. We had 30 artists who worked on this track, and it took us nearly a year to deliver. That's 13,000 man hours that went into this track. We want to be something where the professional racecar driver, the Jackie Stewarts of the world, can recognise every little bump, every piece of grass. Can recognise the trees, every building, they can use all those references that most of us have never seen, but they don't hurt our experience either. So we have this incredibly detailed track that we can learn, and fulfill our fantasies, while having pro drivers able to drive it at any level. Even the graffiti is all up to date."

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