The Furze vs. The Modfather Brings Budget Tuning to the Masses


At long last, a tuning show that is both technical and entertaining.

The problem with a lot of the bigger names in automotive-themed shows is that they tend to center around cars so expensive that some of us will never see them in person, let alone drive them. But the new web series “The Furze vs. The Modfather” brings us automotive entertainment we can actually relate to. The tuners compete with one another using seriously ordinary cars, which they modify, also fairly cheaply, in an attempt to go faster.

The first episode is obviously a lot of setup, but they dive right into modifying the cars pretty quickly, and this is already a lot more than simply a new exhaust system.

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Episode 2 takes the modifications further. This time we’re talking wheels and tires, a subject which is probably more complicated than a lot of people realize.