The Future Of Faraday Future Is Unclear


Apparently, it's 'No Tesla Killer.'

Faraday Future has to be one of the most highly anticipated automotive startups, especially since the automaker emerged out of thin air with its promise to spend $1 billion on a factory in the US before it revealed any signs of an actual car. All of the hype died down when the automaker released an electric concept that looked like it belonged in a video game. The FFZERO1 was meant to reveal how much the automaker could do with its modular platform, except for the fact that the platform didn't exist.

While one would think that would be rock bottom for the brand, a new report from the Guardian indicates that things aren't exactly going smoothly for Faraday. According to the report, Faraday's finances are in serious trouble and former executives don't have nice things to say about the automaker's first vehicle. "It's not really a Tesla killer," said one former executive. "It'll be much heavier, longer and bulkier than a Tesla but really sculpted and beautiful." The Guardian also reports that the vehicle will start at $150,000, which is not what the automaker previously stated. Another executive stated that Faraday would likely need to license autonomous technology from a company like Google, instead of developing its own.

Faraday Future

Faraday also lost its Chief Battery Engineer Porter Harris before its CES reveal. "He was the battery," one of the executives told The Guardian. "He designed it and did all the patents." Losing Harris was a major blow. The automaker was supposed to reveal a fully-functioning prototype at this year's CES, but determined last summer that it wouldn't have anything ready. Mix all of this with the company's financial issues and you have a company that can't deliver on its promises. While Faraday could bounce back from all of these issues, it doesn't look like that will happen any time soon.

Faraday Future

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