The G2J Supercar Is A New Apollo Electric Car Aiming To Fight The Tesla Roadster

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Let's just hope the production car gets a more awe-inspiring name.

Apollo recently unveiled its plans for going electric, which took us a bit by surprise. We thought the obscure German manufacturer would keep making ridiculous hypercars until the eco-friendly European Union stormed its facilities to confiscate its engine molds. Let's not forget this is the same company that built the bonkers Gumpert Apollo and went bust because the car was too gnarly.

Alas, the Apollo Future Mobility Group (AFMG) has now unveiled its G2J Engineering Prototype, which is currently undergoing global testing. The technology Apollo develops with this platform will underpin future performance EV products.

The G2J is now finally ready to debut after a two-year design engineering and technical prototyping program.

Apollo Apollo Apollo

The prototype you see here is not the actual electric sports car concept, which Apollo says will debut shortly.

"To inform the dynamic development of a highly engaging sportscar, it has been developed to reflect broad dimensions and aerodynamic characteristics," Apollo stated in a press release.

All future EV products will have the same radical design DNA established by Apollo's previous hypercars like the Apollo IE and Apollo Project EVO. With these cars, Apollo wanted to return to the days of poster cars. In other words, it wanted young kids to put the above-mentioned cars on their bedroom walls.

Shift over Lamborghini Countach, and make way for the first EV poster car.

Apollo Apollo

Apollo claims its Future Mobility Group is the world's first truly global car company. It consists of a network of specialist centers scattered across the globe. These include centers focused on design, advanced development, engineering, and powertrain design across the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Japan. Basically, every nation that builds great cars is involved somehow. The project will be led from Apollo's headquarters in Germany.

Nothing is known about the G2J except that it's made of carbon fiber. We don't think it will be as crazy as the Rimac Nevera. Apollo is clear that this is a sports car, so the most likely setup would be a dual-motor setup. Because it's an EV with an eAWD system, expect 0-60 mph in roughly three seconds.

It will likely be a handful as well, as a high-ranking Apollo executive is on record as saying that modern hypercars are too easy to drive. Apollos, it seems, need to be scary.

Apollo Apollo Apollo

"Apollo Future Mobility Group signals its intent to define the performance EV mobility experience by revealing the advanced engineering prototype codenamed G2J. This will underpin a highly exciting and anticipated suite of new electric performance vehicles. The beautiful form of this test car is just a hint of the future design of a series of performance cars that will take the Apollo hypercar DNA and apply it to create the most exciting sporting focused EVs on the planet. This is just the beginning and we are delighted that customers and fans of the brand from around the world will be kept informed throughout the exhaustive testing, proving and refining programme that will serve as the foundation for Apollo's ambitions to become the globe's defining performance EV brand," said Eric Ho, Group Chairman, Apollo Future Mobility Group.

Apollo Apollo

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