The Genovation GXE Is Your 800-HP Electric Corvette From Hell


It might have an electric motor, but that doesn't mean it can't be had with a stick shift.

Elon Musk isn't the only madman on a mission to prove that electric cars can be exciting. And not just "exciting" in a sexy Porsche Mission E kind of way, but in the 200+ mph Bugatti-beating sense of the word. While Musk will one day have the Tesla Roadster to go against the Chiron and verify his claims that it's the fastest car on Earth, the Genovation GXE is what Musk would have made if he didn't already own an established and successful auto company to call upon for help.


In a nutshell, the Genovation GXE is a Corvette Z06 that's been gutted of its engine and given a powerful battery and electric motor combination to make it an electric car capable of not only getting you a speeding ticket, but getting away from the cop who's trying to give it to you. Not like a speeding ticket will matter much to a GXE owner because to get one in the first place, they have to plunk down a hefty $750,000. For that, you get a powertrain that delivers 800 horsepower and 700 lb-ft of torque at any point the driver desires it. And though it is a toy, it's a fast one indeed. 0-60 mph comes in less than three seconds after launch and top speed is in the 220 mph zone, though we previously saw Genovation top a C6 'Vette out at 209 mph.

Unfortunately range isn't the GXE's strong suit, with the battery propelling this kit for only 130 miles before it runs out of juice and needs a recharge. The awesome part about this is that even with all that torque, the GXE still has a transmission. Even the most fervent of internal combustion engine holdouts will appreciate the fact that the GXE can be had with either a paddle-shift automatic or a manual gearbox. The novelty of driving a stick-shifted EV alone may be enough to lull some millionaires into dropping three quarters of a million dollars on this toy. Keep an eye out for the GXE at the 2018 CES show in Vegas where you can order one of the 75 planned units if you haven't put down a Tesla Roadster deposit by now.


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