The Germans Have Built The Terminator Of Speed Cameras And You Should Be Very Scared

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The rise of the machines has begun.

The Germans take driving very seriously. And they have to, considering they are one of the few countries in the world that has a road network where large stretches of highway do not have speed limits. Naturally, this makes the Autobahn a haven for speed freaks from around the world, like these guys who go absolutely insane with their Koenigsegg Agera R and Porsche 918 Spyder. Now, it appears as though Germany has built what can only be described as the Terminator of speed cameras.

This new radar/speed camera unit is built inside a bulletproof metal trailer that can be moved to any site. The unit is completely unmanned, features a wireless router to transmit images of speeders and can operate up to five days on its own thanks to an on-board battery. Watch the video and see for yourself. The machines have arrived.

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