The Giant Straddling Bus We Have All Been Waiting For Might Be A Scam


It would've been so cool though!

Remember the story about the super strange straddling bus we brought to you a few weeks ago? Yeah, well the bus might be more of a dream than a reality if new reports from Car News China turn out to be true. The new pictures that have been released show a bus system that is nowhere near what was being sold to the public and media. The Chinese state media have come out publicly and stated that the bus is unsafe and that the company behind it has illegally raised money for the project.

While the Internet may be infatuated with the idea of a bus you can drive under, the dream will likely never become a reality. The test bus used by the company did not actually run on rails as initially claimed. New close-up shots of the track show that the bus runs on rubber wheels and not tracks. And while it may have looked like the bus was running on a track in the original photos, it was in fact running in a gutter channel. A far cry from the train-like track system that was originally promised. The company behind the bus is now backpedaling from its original claims, stating that the first test was simply to make sure the acceleration and braking systems worked.

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It also turns out that the bus is not tall enough to fit vehicles such as trucks and tour buses underneath it as was originally promised. We will have to wait and see if the first test was truly just a preliminary run or if the project is all just a big scam. China, don't let us down this time. We really, really want to get buses off the street once and for all!

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