The GMC Hummer EV Has Awesome Lighting

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The design details are brilliant up close.

The GMC Hummer EV pickup is almost here, and we simply cannot wait to get behind the wheel. It's going to be totally unique and offered with hundreds of accessories so that buyers can personalize the all-new off-roader to their exact requirements. But even if you don't add anything to the standard vehicle, it is still going to be very impressive. It's likely to be one of the quickest trucks around, but even just looking at it gives you that excited feeling. Look closer and there are even more reasons to nerd out over the vehicle, especially when you see the details hidden in its lighting.
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From a distance, the Hummer EV's lighting is already impressive. It's got the classic amber roof lights just like the original did, and the full-width headlight setup looks like a stunning evolution of the original grille design, but if you look closer, there are plenty of details that you may not have noticed before. The above Instagram post by GM's design team highlights these details, starting with the taillights. These have an inverted, edge-lit H design, while the inside shows an etching look with the Hummer logo. Even the central brake light creates an H pattern when lit and is offset perfectly by the roof-mounted lighting system.

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At the front, the headlights also house an H pattern at either end of that full-width internal light bar. According to GM, these complex lighting designs are made possible through the use of "the latest micro optic technology to encompass the lit signature, charge indicator and turn signal."

GM credits Samir Datta, Adam Barry, Paulo Zago, Brad Dicks, Scott Firman, Anthony Zeolla, and Steve Irwin with getting all of this working in such an attractive way. With such promising talents showing off their work on just one vehicle, we're more excited than ever about the future of GM vehicle design.

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