The Godsil Manhattan V16 Is America's Answer To Rolls-Royce

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This could become America's new luxury halo car - providing it enters production.

Rolls-Royce may be leading the ultra-luxury car market, but America used to dominate this segment with brands such as Duesenberg, Packard and Cadillac producing some of the most luxurious cars in the world. Jason Godsill, an entrepreneur and founder of Godsil Motorcars, wants to revive America's luxury car scene with a new Rolls-Royce rivalling coupe. It's called the Godsil Manhattan, and it follows a simple design philosophy: "What would a Duesenberg look like today if they were still in business?"

Shown in a series of conceptual renders, the design takes its cues from Art Deco cars from the 1930s with a modern twist. Its massive 22-inch wheels and large vented hood give it a menacing presence, as do its dimensions. With a wheelbase of 134-inches, it's longer than a Rolls-Royce Phantom. Among the Manhattan's luxurious features include a glass roof panel, brushed stainless steel accents and side body vents. To match its monstrous proportions, Godsil is planning to fit the Manhattan with a 13-liter, V16 engine that produces 1,000 hp and runs on natural compressed gas. Don't hold your breath about seeing a production model any time soon, though.

The Godsil Manhattan was initially announced in 2013 and originally meant to start production in 2014. These new renders provide a fresh look at Godsil's vision while he looks for investors to help make the Manhattan V16 a reality. Godsil now estimates that we'll see a prototype of the Manhattan within a year before it enters production by the end of the decade. Should it be successful, a sedan, SUV and mid-engined supercar will join the line-up, all powered by the Manhattan's natural gas V16 engine.

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