The GoldRush Rally Is A Good Place To Race Mixed Classes Of Supercars

Because all of the predictable drag races have already been done.

Damn, BMW. We knew that the i8 was supposed to be the car of the future, but if we had learned that it was going to try and topple a race car that may as well be cemented in the history books, well we would have taken its performance chops more seriously. Despite having 357 horsepower the BMW looks a bit uneasy next to the Porsche GT3. Maybe it remembers the last time it raced a Porsche. The i8 has all-wheel drive to help the launch, but the Porsche has its flat-six gut planting all its weight over the rear drive wheels.

The race, a clash between old and new, was between participants of the 2016 goldRush Rally. Check it out here.

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