The Goodwood Car Park Is As Cool As The Festival Of Speed Itself

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Perhaps unsurprising, when you've got 100,000 gear heads attending every day.

There's loads to love about the Goodwood Festival of Speed. We've already detailed how amazing the hill climb is (especially if you're in one of the cars entered into the supercar run), and you've also got delights such as the racing car paddocks and Cartier Style et Luxe concourse gathering. One area that tends to get overlooked, though, is the car park. When you've got 100,000 gear heads attending, they're bound to bring along some pretty tasty vehicles that'll rival some of those shown at the proper Festival.

With so many attending the show, it didn't take long to notice certain trends developing with the car choices of those who made the annual pilgrimage to the Festival of Speed. Within the space of a few minutes, we'd come across more Porsche 911s and Lotus Elises than we'd ever seen prior to us coming to the event. Heck, even high-end offerings such as Nissan GT-Rs, Lamborghini Huracans and McLaren 650Ss were fairly common sights. As we ventured further into the car park, though, some real treasures started to appear. Leading the charge for cult classics was a pristine condition Ford Escort RS Turbo, and we were truly gobsmacked to see a Bentley 3 Litre all by its lonesome.

At least they were until we came across a Lamborghini Miura SV. Yes, we'll concede it was in a more secure area of the car park , but it was still a vehicle we'd never have expected to see at Goodwood so far away from a stand. Remember, this is a car that can be auctioned off nowadays for prices well over $2,000,000, and it's literally been left in a field all day. We're not only impressed with the owner's confidence in the Miura not being pranged, but we're also immensely grateful that the key holders to the SV (and, indeed, everyone else who drove their lovely cars to and from Goodwood) decide to showcase them in the FoS car parks in the first place. We doff our caps duly to you. Pictures courtesy of Michael Lynton.

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