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2018 Goodwood Festival Of Speed Performance Car Park Was Worth The Entrance Fee Alone

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This is no ordinary car park.

It'll only take a single moment, or rather a mere glance at these images, for you to understand this is not your typical parking lot. These cars are nothing like the ones you see parked at your local Costco or whatever mall that used to have a JCPenney. Commercial retail parking lots aren't even in the same universe as the Goodwood Festival of Speed performance car parl. More like alternate dimensions. So, where to begin? As you can see in our gallery of photos, just about everything exotic, powerful, and expensive was parked on the vast grass field.

This was a reserved section (with a fee) solely for exotics, which also included a few non-supercars like the previous generation, Europe-only Ford Focus RS, and a fully-loaded Kia Stinger GTS. But the dominant brands were Ferrari, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, and McLaren. Those who come to Goodwood know the supercar lot is a must-see, and you could literally spend well over an hour walking up and down the rows. Sooner or later, you'll actually want to enter the festival itself because there's much, much more to take in and see. The supercar parking lot is only the beginning.

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