The Gorgeous Buick Avenir Is Finally Making It To Production

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Just not in the way you think.

General Motors' heart attack of the late 2000s was enough to scare the auto giant into losing some unnecessary weight by shedding Hummer, Pontiac, Saturn, and Saab. If the sudden cut had to go any further, the obvious choices would have been GMC or Buick but at the moment, the General is sure happy that it kept them. GMC gives buyers the opportunity to dial in just the right amount of luxury, bypassing the soul-crushing plainness of a Chevrolet and eschewing the vanity of a Cadillac.


In China, Buick is giving even the German luxury brands a scare now that the youth see the marque as the rebellious alternative to their parent's Mercedes'. Thanks to the rise in popularity, an injection of female buyers, and downturn in the age of the average Buick customer, GM is introducing the Avenir concept into the market. The one caveat is that it won't be an actual car. Rather, Buick is introducing Avenir as the name for its new premium lineup, sort of like how GMC gives the Denali name to its cars brandishing extra chrome. Buick credits the decision to step up its game to the flux of new buyers coming from other premium brands, about 50 percent of clients. Not only that but these shoppers are opting for the highest trims the brand has to offer.

About 90 percent of Enclave buyers buy one of the two top trims available. Buick is lending an ear to the numbers and thinking about the opportunity for growth in its future, fitting since the word Avenir means "future" in French. Despite the heart-sinking news that the actual Avenir concept won't make production, fans can find solace in the fact that certain design elements from the concept will be featured on Avenir branded cars. The large grille will be the most prominent addition and fit in nicely with large-diameter wheels and glimmering trim accents. The insides will see the word "Avenir" scrawled about the cabin to give the extra seat details and trim materials some justice. We'll hear back soon from Buick with release and pricing details.

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