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The Gorgeous Miura From The Original "The Italian Job" Can Now Be Yours

Relive your favorite memories with this supercar.

Few cars have the same history as the 1968 Lamborhgini MiuraP400. The Italian supercar has incredible styling, an enormous 4.0-liter V12that made around 350 hp and a sound that could be heard from a mile away. Moviefanatics or fans of the original film “The Italian Job” will remember seeing anorange Miura P400 driving along an alpine highway in the film’s opening scene.Wealthy enthusiasts and fans of the movie can now rejoice, because the sameMiura P400 from the movie is now on sale.

The factory-original Miura P400 is chassis number 3568, isfinished in the stunning Arancio Miura (Miura Orange) and features the originalPelle Bianco leather interior. The supercar is a “second series” Miura P400with a thicker chassis for less flex and only has 11,806 miles on it. The engineblock was replaced in 2011 and the paint job was refreshed, but this classicsupercar will still help you to relive your favorite memories in style. There’sno word on pricing, but we’re sure it’ll be above the average price of roughly$800K.

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