The Grand Tour Episode 5 Will Have An Epic Road Trip In Morocco

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This week's episode of The Grand Tour could be the best yet.

It's hard to believe we're already nearly halfway through the first season of The Grand Tour, the new globe-trotting car show fronted by Clarkson, Hammond and May following their departure from Top Gear. This week will mark the fifth episode of the 12-episode first season, and while the first two episodes had the trio's studio tent set in exotic locations, with the first in sunny California and the second in South Africa, the last two have been set in their hometown in England during a drizzly day in Yorkshire.

Likewise, last week's main film was the notorious environmental car challenge set in the English countryside. Things look to be picking up in week's episode, however, with an epic road trip set in Morocco. We're not sure what the premise of the episode will be, but it appears a sports car comparison between the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider, Mazda MX5 and a stripped-out Zenos E10 will take place.

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It promises some stunning scenery too, including a drive through the set of Game of Thrones which we saw a glimpse of in the main series trailer. Oh, and we also get to see Clarkson attempt to interact with a cow. Hopefully he doesn't turn it into a door panel like last week. Some of the most memorable Top Gear episodes were the ones that centered on extended road trips: the episodes set in Botswana, Bolivia and Vietnam consistently crop up as fan favorites. Will this week's episode of The Grand Tour follow the trend and be the best in the series yet? The Grand Tour has been a considerable success for Amazon, but the company isn't happy about it being the most illegally downloaded show in the world.

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