The Grand Tour Goes Behind Iron Curtain In New Eurocrash Special

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With the three oddest cars yet.

Amazon Prime released a full-length trailer for The Grand Tour's next special, Eurocrash. The latest special will take Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May behind the Iron Curtain into four European countries formerly occupied by the Soviets.

The theme isn't clear yet, and there doesn't appear to be any connection between the cars. May is in a Crosley he bought while drunk, and Hammond is in the Chevrolet SSR, a car Chevy wants you to forget about. Both cars are American, with Clarkson's Mitsuoka Le-Seyde being the odd one out. Mitsuoka Motor is a small coachbuilding outfit in Japan, best known for the Orochi, which almost nobody has heard of. We quite like the brand's Rock Star, a Mazda Miata styled to look like a second-generation Corvette.

With no connection between the cars, the theme appears to be the weirdest car you could find for whatever amount of dollars.

The Grand Tour/YouTube The Grand Tour/YouTube The Grand Tour/YouTube

Given James May's widely publicized crash in the previous Grand Tour special, you'd think the three unwise men would tame it down a bit, but no. The trailer starts with James May attempting to drive his Crosley into a moving cargo plane. It seems The Grand Tour won't stop until one of its presenters kicks the bucket. Our money is on Hammond, who, to be fair, has an unfortunate history of crashing.

Hammond also appears to have entered the Soviet alternative to Formula 1. Obviously, Mother Russia couldn't and wouldn't compete in F1 during the Cold War, but that didn't stop the people behind the curtain from racing. Since the Cold War, effectively nothing has changed. Russia and Russian drivers are still banned from F1.

The Grand Tour/YouTube The Grand Tour/YouTube The Grand Tour/YouTube

Naturally, the trio will do their best to offend whoever is willing to take offense. They visit the statue of Christ the King in Poland and a wax museum in Krakow with the worst depiction of Nigel Mansell's mustache we've ever seen.

The cars are also modified along the way and shot at by what appears to be a Mongol Horde. While on the outing, the team will also drive several interesting cars from the region, including a flying car. You know, standard Grand Tour stuff intertwined with the usual exciting facts and figures you never knew about the hosting countries.

Rumors about The Grand Tour's demise have been greatly exaggerated. Amazon reportedly cut ties with Clarkson after he wrote a seemingly offensive column targeting Meghan Markle, but the crew was out filming another special in Africa just two months ago. We're glad they're still at it.

The Grand Tour/YouTube The Grand Tour/YouTube The Grand Tour/YouTube The Grand Tour/YouTube

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