The Grand Tour Has Already Been Confirmed For A Second Season

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Impressive, especially since Season 1 is still to be released.

The Grand Tour was set to film in California, and that meant an interview with the LA Times was in order. The trio of Clarkson, Hammond and May and host had a recent chat about the show and it's November 18th debut on Amazon Prime. Starting off, the old Top Gear crew was asked how the show would differ from the old Top Gear, and Jezza took that one: "It's broadly the same, I mean the fact is it has us three hosting it. We are what we are. He is slow and lost, he is short and I am bombastic and tall - and fat. And you can't change that."

There were a few more questions asked, but oddly these are questions that everyone already knows all the answers to; about the crew, setup, the mobile studio and the live audience. The only sort of new information is that there will definitely be 12 episodes of the show that will be roughly an hour long each.

Most seasons of Top Gear were around six episodes, so that already makes it bigger, or at least longer running than that. No more new locations were disclosed but it was said that they could end up anywhere where there are cars, like with the first one that kicked off in the wild lands of South Africa. A few details of some of the already recorded shows were revealed too, like a Hammond crash in Jordan. The most interesting part of the interview, at least for us here at CarBuzz, takes place at the 09:40 mark when the question of Season Two is mentioned. "Well we were commissioned for it" says Clarkson, "we've got to fill it up."

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That's how much confidence there is in the pulling power of these three presenters. Season One hasn't even been released yet but there has been so much hype that a second season has been confirmed. The LA Times interviewer fired off a question about how soon the guys would start filming for the now confirmed second season, and pretty much in unison, Clarkson, Hammond and may replied: "Immediately". Let's hope that one is also at least 12 episodes. Can. Not. Wait.

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