The Grand Tour Infuriates PETA Animal Rights Activists


Jeremy Clarkson's causing controversy again - here's what the PETA animal rights group had to say about last week's episode.

Jeremy Clarkson is no stranger to controversy: the list of people and organizations he has offended on Top Gear is endless. It's perhaps unsurprising, then, to see his new show The Grand Tour continue this trend. When we saw the trailer for the fourth episode, which aired last week showing Clarkson driving a car constructed out of animal skin, meat and bones as part of a challenge, we predicted that it would make the PETA furious. And we were right.

The animal rights organization has responded to the controversial scenes in the episode. Speaking to The Daily Star, a spokes-person for the group branded Clarkson as "a Lady Gaga wannabe with a meat car". They continued: "While this pompous arse is always desperately vying for attention by trying to offend others, less privileged beings raised for their skin and flesh are suffering in barren industrial sheds." "PETA and every kind human being hopes that one day Clarkson will put the brakes on cheap and mean stunts such as this one and become a true motorhead, not a meathead."

They certainly didn't mince their words, so if the sole aim of the episode was to offend PETA, it's safe to say that mission has been accomplished. Somehow, we don't think they were very amused when Clarkson joked about his windscreen being made of "anal passage stretched so thin that it's completely transparent." We had mixed feelings about The Grand Tour's fourth episode, and felt the main challenge featuring Clarkson's meat car was unnecessary and tried too hard to court some controversy. Do you think the episode went too far?

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