The Grand Tour Is Under Fire For Showing How To Smuggle Migrants


The more people complain, the more The Grand Tour will keep courting controversy.

Another day, another group has been angered by Clarkson's antics in The Grand Tour. Is anyone else feeling déjà vu? It's just like the good old days of Top Gear where there would be new complaints every week. And we bet they're loving it. After angering the PETA animal rights group by driving a car made out of meat and bones, another row has broken out about the Amazon Prime show, this time concerning a stunt in episode four where Hammond was hidden in an Audi TT.

While it was comical to see Hammond hunched up like a hamster, the point of the segment was to demonstrate a novel way of smuggling migrants into the UK. Predictably, it didn't go down too well. "When immigrants try to get into the country they always come in the back of a container lorry and that is the world's worst game of hide and seek. If you work for Border Force you open the doors and go, 'well there you are'. Surely, there must be a better way of getting into Britain. And I think I've worked it out." Barbara Drozdowicz from the East European Resource Center failed to see the funny side, telling the Daily Star "We are appalled by the portrayal of migrants as an illegal cargo."

Meanwhile, a spokeswoman from the Road Haulage Association added that airing a "how to guide" to smuggle immigrants into the country was "irresponsible." The Grand Tour declined to comment. Thing is, responses like these that generate publicity are probably exactly what Clarkson wants – not that The Grand Tour needs any publicity right now, given that it's broken both viewing and illegal download records. Do you think the segment was in poor taste?

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