'The Grand Tour' Just Released More Tickets For Its First Ever US Show

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Take 30 seconds to enter this contest. It's worth all that time.

Taping for "The Grand Tour" is in full swing, with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May making stops around the world in their giant tent/portable studio. Amazon is giving away tickets to the tapings like Oprah gives away cars. First, tickets were given away for a trip to Johannesburg, South Africa, to witness filming of the show's first ever episode. Now Amazon is giving away tickets to a taping in California. It actually already gave away tickets for this episode, but this time the winners won't get a free trip to the Golden State.

No, unfortunately those who are given tickets will have to find their own way to "The Grand Tour's" tent. And what's more is that you'll actually have to prove you're a fan of the trio's work. Amazon's application form asks two questions: Why should you be given tickets to the taping and who is your favorite presenter and why? The contest closes at midnight, August 8 so get your butt over to Amazon and enter the contest for your chance to watch the guys do their thing in a tent under the hot California sun. Photos from The Grand Tour/Facebook and Amazon.

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