The Grand Tour's James May Can't Be This Stupid In Real Life


He only plays stupid on TV. Hopefully.

The auditions continue for The Grand Tour’s new driver following the (welcomed) departure of The American. So far, Mark Webber and a stunt man auditioned for the gig and both had their obvious faults, to say the least. It was Clarkson who recommended Webber and Hammond figured the stunt guy was a clever idea. Today is James May’s turn. Does he put forth another celebrity driver? A professional race car driver? A professional driver of any sort? Nope.

May figured his candidate needed to be someone with real-world experience, outside of fame.That candidate is a car thief. Captain Slow’s reasoning is that the guy knows how to properly drive a car while going fast. It’s a fair assumption, at first, but everyone knows this would never go well. And it doesn’t.

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The BMW M4 CS the car thief is given for his audition never crosses the finish line. Imagine why. For Amazon Prime’s sake, as well as that of BMW’s and his co-hosts, the real-life James May can’t be this stupid. Seriously? Give a car thief the keys to an expected $100,000+ high-performance car and expect him to simply return it? Please. Now that the three have each presented a new driver candidate, it’ll be interesting to see who actually ends up getting the gig. Needless to say, the three hosts weren’t helpful to the show’s producers for this particular task.