The Grand Tour Season 2 Could Have A Major Format Change

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Would the show still be the same if the studio segments were filmed in the same location every episode?

If you've watched The Grand Tour, you'll probably agree that it follows the same tried and tested formula as the old Top Gear. Clarkson, Hammond and May drive fast cars in exotic locations. The Dunsfold test track was replaced with the Eboladrome circuit, and a wisecracking NASCAR driver played the role of 'The American' which superseded the Stig. The one major difference, however, is that Amazon gave the trio a lot more money to play with than the BBC.

As a result, studio segments were filmed in a mobile tent that could be transported around the world, meaning that nearly every episode was set in a different location. This format may change in season 2, however. DriveTribe reports that, according to the Oxford Times, a mobile film studio is being set-up in Great Tew, near Chipping Norton in the UK. It was put in place by Chump Productions, the production company behind The Grand Tour owned by the trio and the show's producer, Andy Wilman. What's significant, however, is that the site is being held for 13 weeks, suggesting that the studio segments will be filmed in the same location for the entire season.

Filming is due to commence once a week in two five-week slots. That would make up at least ten episodes, plus a double-episode special. Given some of the presenter's recent health issues, it probably makes sense to cut down on travelling, even if it contradicts the The Grand Tour's premise as a globe-trotting car show somewhat. Honestly, we would actually welcome this change. In the last season, constantly changing the tent location was nothing more than a gimmick. Yes, it was fun to see Clarkson rile audiences in different countries and mock their car culture, but the films in each episode had no connection to the location of the studio segments which made it all rather pointless.

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The Grand Tour season 2 was originally supposed to air on Amazon in October, but the small matters of Hammond crashing an electric Rimac supercar and Clarkson nearly dying from pneumonia has most likely stalled the production. In the meantime, Amazon is looking for a new host to temporarily stand in for Clarkson. Would you be bothered if the studio format changed in the next season?

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