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The Grand Tour Season 2 Trailer Is Coming Next Week

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Not long now until we get a first look at the new series of The Grand Tour.

The Grand Tour received a mixed reception when it debuted on Amazon last year, so we're eager to see if the second season of the globe-trotting car show can surpass the recent series of Top Gear. Turns out we don't have long to wait for a glimpse of what we can expect in the upcoming new series. Amazon has revealed that a trailer for The Grand Tour season 2 will be shown next week on July 11 - but there's a catch. Initially, the trailer will only be viewable to Amazon Prime account holders to coincide with the retailer's Prime Day.

According to Amazon, the "sneak preview" will show footage of "Jeremy, Richard and James in Mozambique, Switzerland and the U.K." which suggests we could see new footage of Hammond's Rimac Concept One hill climb crash. The mention of Mozambique also suggests we could possibly see a glimpse of Hammond's motorcycle accident, and the trio was recently spotted filming in the UK causing chaos in an amphibious car. Amazon says The Grand Tour season 2 will premiere "later this year." Originally, the show was supposed to air in October, but Hammond's crash has inevitably delayed production while he recovers from surgery after suffering a fractured knee.

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Clarkson has been rewriting scripts to accommodate for Hammond's inability to drive for the next few months, while May will be filling in for segments that were originally going to be fronted by Hammond.