The Grand Tour Season 2 Trailer Teases Hammond's Crash

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You can watch The Grand Tour season 2 trailer right now if you have an Amazon Prime account.

If you have an Amazon Prime account and are eager for a sneak peek of The Grand Tour Season 2, then you're in luck because you can watch the first trailer right now as part of Amazon Prime day. If not, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial, or it will be available to non-Amazon Prime account holders at a later date. The short 30 second trailer teases some of the trio's automotive adventures filmed in the UK, Mozambique and Switzerland – and yes, it of course teases Richard Hammond's infamous Rimac crash.

Though we don't get to see the crash, the trailer teases the moments leading up to it. "Watch this!" Hammond exclaims, before thundering up the hill climb in the electric supercar at Switzerland. The trailer then abruptly ends, leaving us with the tagline: "A second round of monkey business is just around the corner."

The first season of The Grand Tour was criticized for prioritizing comedy over cars, but we have no complaints about the selection of cars that will star in the second season. Among the cars featured in the trailer include the McLaren 720S being thrashed around the Eboladrome circuit, May behind the wheel of a Lancia Rally 037, and Clarkson taming the mighty Bugatti Chiron. Chris Harris was besotted with the Chiron in the last series of Top Gear, so we can't wait to hear Clarkson's verdict. The Jaguar XJR was also briefly seen tackling some snow, and we also get a fleeting glimpse of the Mozambique film where Hammond had his motorbike accident, as well as a tank demolishing a shopping mall in Dubai.

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The Grand Tour season 2 was originally supposed to air on Amazon this October, but Hammond's Rimac crash has delayed production. It's now expected to air later this year.

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