The Grand Tour Season Two Preview Will Get You Pumped

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Judging from this action-packed montage of The Grand Tour season two, we're in for a treat over the next ten weeks.

By now, you've probably watched the much-anticipated opening episode of The Grand Tour season two that featured Richard Hammond's Rimac Concept One crash. If you haven't, you can stream it right now on Amazon Video. As we wrote in our review, the first episode was a solid start to the second season, but the best is still yet to come. As much as we loved watching the all-electric Rimac Concept One humiliate its combustion engine-powered competitors, the supercar comparison set in Switzerland had a lot of filler content.

In fairness, it probably wasn't originally intended to be shown in the first episode before Hammond had his crash. For those who don't have an Amazon Video subscription and are on the fence, an action-packed montage shown in the opening episode previewing The Grand Tour season two has now been uploaded online, featuring clips that weren't shown in the initial season two trailer.

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Among the highlights shown in the preview include a race that harks back to Top Gear's races that pitted cars against a mode of public transport: in this case, Clarkson races the new Ford GT against May and Hammond in a plane. There seems to be something for everyone in season two. Gearhead fans can salivate over modern supercars like the Lamborghini Huracan Performante, McLaren 720S and Bugatti Chiron. If you prefer older cars, a legendary Lancia 037 Group B Rally Car and Aston Martin DB4 GT make an appearance, not to mention a showdown between the Bugatti EB 110 and Jaguar XJ220 that looks like a potential season highlight.

Alternatively, if you like comedic challenges some vintage Jaguars go skidding down a ski slope in Colorado, Clarkson hoons around in a Subaru while trying to make a Ken Block-style video, and the trio create another amphibious truck. And if you have an appetite for destruction, Hammond goes on a destructive rampage through a Dubai shopping mall in a Ripsaw tank. Season two is also getting The Grand Tour back on track because the team has clearly listened to fans and scrapped the weaker elements of season one that didn't work like Celebrity Brain Crash and The American. Episode two will air this week on December 15 featuring the Ford GT and Mercedes-AMG GT R.

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