The Grand Tour Will Feature An Epic Rally Car Showdown In Season Two


Will the new season live up to this year's Top Gear reboot?

With Top Gear now back on track in the current season, The Grand Tour now seems like a distant memory. In many ways, the new season of Top Gear has surpassed Clarkson, Hammond and May's Amazon show, with less cringe-worthy comedy and more of what we watch these shows for: the cars. Competition is only a good thing however, as the positive reception of Top Gear's reboot will hopefully spur The Grand Tour team on to improve the next series due to be streamed on Amazon towards the end of this year.

Little is known about the second season of The Grand Tour, but recent reports of Richard Hammond's motorcycle accident revealed that we can expect an adventure in Mozambique, which could be reminiscent of the trio's motorbike ride through Vietnam on Top Gear. Meanwhile, Jeremy Clarkson has hinted that we can also look forward to an epic rally car showdown. A photo posted on Clarkson's Drivetribe account shows an Audi Quattro S1 parked next to a Lancia Rally 037 on what appears to be The Grand Tour's Eboladrome test track. "This week, I'm driving a Renault Twingo. Last week was better," the post reads with Clarkson's typical wry wit.

This could prove to be an entertaining and insightful showdown re-enacting Audi and Lancia's rivalry to become the World Rally Champion during the 1980s. Both cars are also renowned for competing in the legendary Group B class championship, which is considered the golden era of rallying. It could be similar to James May's retelling of Ford and Ferrari's intense racing rivalry at Le Mans which was one of the better segments in the first season. Hopefully this is an indication that more factual content will feature in season two to balance out the comedy. The mention of the Renault Twingo also coincides with Rory Reid's review of the hot hatch in the most recent Top Gear episode.

In the episode, the Twingo took part in an elaborate real life game of Pac Man. Top Gear's test of the last-gen Twingo was even less sensible, culminating with Clarkson plunging it into the sea with Ross Kemp in the trunk. Whether the new Twingo will get similarly mistreated in the second season remains to be seen.

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