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The Grand Tour Will Finally Have A Cheap Car Challenge This Week

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Cheap car challenges were often the highlights of Top Gear in its heyday.

So far, The Grand Tour has brought back just about every staple from Top Gear. Extended road trips in exotic locations? Check. Outlandish custom-built cars? Check. Gratuitous destruction? Oh yes. So far, though, we've yet to see any traditional cheap car challenges. Seeing what the presenters could muster with meager amounts of money was always entertaining, from knackered Porsches to spluttering supercars from Italy. The trailer for this week's episode of The Grand Tour confirms that we're finally going to be treated to a cheap car challenge.

It all looks like business as usual. Clarkson, Hammond and May acquire some used Maseratis with their own money and embark on a journey through Northern France. Of course, you know it's going to be eventful: among the issues they encounter apparently include "worrying noises, unusual electronics" and "a small engine fire."

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We'll also find out how May managed to break his arm in the trailer. Elsewhere, Hammond will be hammering the Abarth 124 Spider around the Eboladrome test track in a bid to discover "if it's a real Italian sports car or just a Mazda in a fancy suit." Clarkson also discovers an "innovative way to install cutting edge features in an older car." Hmm, we predict filler content. Hopefully The Grand Tour's cheap car challenge will live up to to its promise, although we're still craving for something new that doesn't recycle the tried and tested Top Gear formula. Still, let's face it, anything will be better than last week's boring and bizarre car coral reef segment in Barbados.