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The Greatest Classless Fan-Made GTA Video

Or at least the greatest video of a smokin' hot, near naked British blonde pretending to shoot people and steal their cars.

The GTA video game series is so popular it has spawned scores of fan-made Youtube videos acting out their wildest augmented reality dreams. The latest one we've seen is oozing with class. It features a smoking hot, scantily clad blonde, walking around the streets of Liverpool shooting gang members with a plastic gun. They went above and beyond with our half naked heroine passing young kids in a mall and beating an "Arab woman" with a balloon. Talk about gunning down a boner.

The sound, editing and director guiding the young starlet is good for some laughs but the highlight comes at the 35 second mark when a guy gets yanked from a Land Rover and valiantly attempts to rover his hand on the girl's trunk. A zero for execution, but a perfect ten for improvisation.

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