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The Greatest Track Car Ferrari Ever Made Was A Maserati

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Only 13 were made, and this one's coming up for auction.

Ferrari is no stranger to turning its supercars into specialized track machines. It did it with the Enzo, it did it with the 599, and it did it again with LaFerrari. But one of its coolest and most exclusive wasn't a Ferrari at all. It was a Maserati. And one of them is coming up for grabs.

On the docket for RM Sotheby's Amelia Island sale next month is a rather rare Maserati MC12 Corsa – a hypercar turned into a track toy for wealthy gentlemen racers – and one of only a baker's dozen made.

Like the FXX, the MC12 was based on the Enzo. Ferrari made 50 road-going examples to satisfy homologation regulations so that Maserati's racing department could field the MC12 in the FIA GT Championship and the American Le Mans Series, where it did rather well. In six seasons, the Maserati Squadra Corse won 40 races, six teams' championships, another six drivers' titles, and a pair of constructors' cups.

That success prompted the marque's most elite clientele to ask for a track version they could buy, and the boys in Maranello and neighboring Modena were only too glad to oblige.

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The MC12 Corsa was arguably more extreme than the FXX. Its unadulterated 6.0-liter V12 was tuned from 621 horsepower in road-going spec to 745 in the Versione Corse (as it was also known) and more torque than the FXX. With everything stripped out and amped up for track duty, it could hit 60 mph in just 3.3 seconds and lap a circuit faster than anything ever sold under the Trident emblem.

Only twelve were offered for sale, of which this was the tenth. It's remained in the UAE ever since, putting on less than 1,300 miles. No wonder it's estimated to sell for $1.6-2 million.