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The GTO is Returning for 2014 (Kind Of)

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No it's not 1969 all over again. But a new "GTO" is set to hit the market in 2014. (And yes, Pontiac is still dead.)

Don't think for a moment that GM has had second thoughts and is reviving the Pontiac brand. It ain't gonna happen. Fortunately, there are those in the aftermarket world who refuse to let the beloved brand go away quietly. An example of this commitment comes from the folks at Trans Am Depot who's planning to launch a new GTO in 2014. Now, these are the same guys who built the Hurst Edition Trans Am, which is based on the current Chevrolet Camaro. This new GTO, painted Carousel Red and all, also shares its underpinnings with the Camaro.

That's certainly not a bad thing considering that'll bring a V8 and rear-wheel-drive, but word has it that the car will produce 614 horsepower. For now, a brief teaser trailer has been released showing the new GTO drag racing a Mustang GT500. We'll hopefully get the complete breakdown shortly.

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