The Guy/Mad Scientist Who Turned A Corvette Into A Full-Size RC Car Is Back

Time for some track time - without the driver.

A few months ago we discovered the world’s first and so far only radio-controlled C6 Corvette. Thanks to a 2.4 GHz, 6-channel transmitter and a custom universal remote (and some mad scientist skills), the Corvette’s brakes, steering, shifting, and throttle are all capable of being controlled by remote control. Pretty cool, right? Totally, and the car can even be turned on and off via remote. Burnouts are possible, too, as was so demonstrated. So what comes next? Track time, of course.

The Netherlands' Venray Seedway was the chosen venue for this experiment. Aside from doing a few required donuts, the craziest part was going around the circuit in the passenger seat. He claims to have set a new world record for the fastest lap time in an RC car. We don’t know how fast he was going but at least he managed to avoid hitting the wall.

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