The Guy That Designed The Lykan Hypersport Unveils New Supercar

Track Car

Don't panic, this thing won't cost you $3.4 million.

If you’re familiar with the Lykan Hypersport than you’re already familiar with the work of French designer Anthony Jannarelly. He designed the Arab world’s first supercar that shot to fame after staring in Furious 7 and is also responsible for the Zarooq Sand Raver, a luxury rally SUV rated at 500 hp. Jannarelly Automotive is his latest endeavor, a new car company created with Frederic Juillot (the man behind Zarooq and owner of Equation Composite, a carbon-fiber parts specialist).

The pair’s maiden project is the Jannarelly Design-1, a lightweight bare bones track car priced at a reasonable $55,000. Inspired by roadsters of the 1950s and 60s incorporating track-focused elements, the rear-wheel-drive track-focused roadster is built on a steel tubular frame, utilizing aluminum for structural elements of the body as well as carbon fiber and fiberglass. Power comes from a Nissan-sourced 3.5-liter V6 rated at 300 hp in stock form, with upgrades and other engines available upon customer request. In standard guise, 0-60 mph happens in less than four seconds before topping out at 135 mph.

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Production will take place in the guys’ hometown of Dubai, with an initial batch of 30 launch edition models planned to gauge interest. If positive, production can be upped to 200 units annually. Look out for a prototype in February with deliveries slated to start in summer across Europe and the US.