The Guy Who Claims To Be John DeLorean's Son Says The Taliban Wants Him To Build Fake DeLoreans

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This would be the wildest collaboration of the year.

Usually, we would associate groups like the Taliban with trucks such as the Toyota Tacoma's distant Hilux relative, but a new report suggests that a new automotive ambassador could come to the table. According to the so-called son of DMC's founder, Ty DeLorean, the group which is currently overseeing operations in Afghanistan is looking to invest in his new product.

Of course, we still don't know if Ty is the true heir to the throne as the authenticity of his relation to John DeLorean is still up for debate. To mix things up, even more, the company that currently owns the rights to DMC, which subsequently led the low-volume manufacturing run a few years ago, is taking Ty to the courts for infringing on the brand's trademark.

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This infringement comes in the shape of a weird three-wheeler with some strange DMC-style upgrades. While it does seem like an interesting project, the big question was whether there was even a demand for what is essentially a Reliant Robin with gullwing doors to begin with. According to Ty, the Taliban is more than excited about the project.

Based on an interview conducted by SWNS, Ty says, "They emailed me saying they want to invest in and mass produce my cars. They want to use them for government officials and they said the head of the Taliban Hibatullah Akhundzada signed it off and I'm now dealing with his deputy and the transport minister."


We are all well aware that government fleet deals are quite profitable for manufacturers but given the obscurity of all parties involved in this case, we can't distinguish whether this is even in the same sphere. According to said email, the Afghani transport minister, Qudratullah Zaki told Ty, "The Civil Aviation of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan extends its compliments to you and your brilliant motor vehicle at DeLorean motor company.

"Your amazing achievements were brought to my attention in your latest media interviews which have gone around the world and landed on my desk in a local newspaper. The LTA would like to move forward with investment in your business as we have strong ties with rural markets and we believe India is already interested in your product."

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Given how business transactions such as these that are negotiated via email are not what we'd call credible, you shouldn't feel bad if you're a bit skeptical about the authenticity of these claims. If by some miracle any of this were to be true, we have to admit that it would be the most obscure deal to ever take place in the automotive industry.

Ty is feeling rather positive about it all as he states, "In my ambition, which is sometimes bigger than reality, I'd like to see the vehicle as a peace symbol, if you lik like my father's was. It could be used to negotiate with the Taliban and help get them to start dropping some of their hardline stances, and if they were to do that, maybe I could."

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Tyler continues to explain why the deal wouldn't work for him, saying, "I phoned the UK government and they said they wanted to see all the emails. And they told me it was illegal to do business with the Taliban in any way shape or form. That put a bit of a dampener on things, but I probably wouldn't have pursued it anyway because of their laws against women."

Nevertheless, Tyler still believes there's a future here: "The car has had a great deal of exposure across the world and I have previously had correspondence with the Indian government. I did anticipate someone mass-producing these vehicles or a four-wheeled version at some stage. The story is still developing. If it goes anywhere else I don't know but if they dropped their hard-line stance I would be interested."

India makes a certain amount of sense, but to claim that a three-wheeled piece of British antiquity is going to withstand the demands of the Taliban? Whatever you say, Ty. Whatever you say.

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