The Guy Who Makes The World's Best Vacuum Now Wants To Build A Car?

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Big difference between cleaning crap off floors and car production.

Go to any department store and you'll probably see Dyson vacuum cleaners. You know, the ones that cost an awful lot more than a typical vacuum. But damn, those Dyson vacuums sure do get the job done, and now the guy behind them is now reportedly working on an electric car. According to a report from the UK's The Guardian, Dyson is currently developing an EV at its Malmesbury, Wiltshire headquarters. In fact, the UK government is shelling out 174 million pounds ($246 million) in taxpayer money to help fund the project.

It would also create "over 500 jobs, mostly in engineering." Only last year Dyson's CEO, Max Conze, didn't rule out the possibility of his company getting into the electric car business. "Like our friends in Cupertino (Apple) we are also unhealthily obsessed when it comes to taking apart our products to make them better." Company founder and inventor, Sir James Dyson, said last October, after his company bought a solid-state battery company called Sakti3, that the latter had "developed a breakthrough in battery technology." For its part, Dyson refuses to comment on any specific future product.

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