The Guy Who Sued Tesla To Get A Refund For His Model X Just Beat Elon Musk


As in he got his money back.

When we last checked in on Barrett Lyon he was filing a lawsuit against Tesla in an attempt to get a full refund for his faulty Model X. Now Lyon has finally got his wish as the automaker offered him a complete refund ($161,970) in exchange for his buggy SUV. Lyon had filed suit against the automaker in California, using the state's "Lemon Law" to try and get his cash back. The ironic thing is that this guy is a Tesla fanboy through and through. He owns a Model S and a Roadster!


Lyon did not comment on the lawsuit or the settlement of it, possibly due to a non-disclosure agreement. Tesla offered up a generic statement when asked, saying in part that the company is "always willing to buy back a car in the rare event that a customer isn't completely happy." Yeah, sure. Tesla may seem cool for even buying the car back, but remember that it operates on a B2C (business to consumer) platform. Handling all sales in-house also means handling all refunds, too. Hopefully Elon Musk figures out the bugs that plagued Lyon's Model X. Doors that randomly open and close, damaging people and property in the process, and a self-park feature that failed 90% of the time are no good, even if the issues are just isolated to one case.

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