The Guy Who Tried To Sue Ferrari Drops Lawsuit, Says Acura NSX Is Better Anyway

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The best way to get back at Ferrari when your lawsuit fails? Publicly declare your love for the Acura NSX.

You may remember a few months ago we reported on racing legend and famous car collector Preston Henn's quest to sue Ferrari after being denied a limited edition LaFerrari Aperta - even after he sent them a check for $1 million in the mail. The reason for filing a lawsuit? Henn felt that the supercar maker had mistreated him as a loyal customer who has built up an enviable collection of flagship Ferraris, including the F40, F50, Enzo, LaFerrari and a classic 275 GTB.


He took Ferrari's rejection personally and ordered his lawyers to sue them "for reputational injury and the mortification caused by declaring him to be not qualified to purchase a LaFerrari Aperta." Road and Track has since learnt that the lawsuit, which sought $75,000 in damages, has been dropped due to the mounting costs. "Well, I'm very unhappy with Ferrari," said Henn. After we got all in it, I said, what do you think our odds [of winning] are? And he said zero. Because they said they had offered to settle, it cost a quarter million dollars to retain this outfit, to sue me. And I said, if you say zero, I don't want to go through with it."

This is by no means the end of Henn's legal battle with Ferrari, however, as his lawyers are already planning another lawsuit. "I said, can we sue them on other things? He said, yes. We're going to sue but on a different thing. Which I don't know yet what it is." Unsurprisingly, the experience has affected Henn's 50-year allegiance with Ferrari. "I have no feeling for Ferrari at all, zero," he said. "Here's something that may be hard for you to believe, but I got that LaFerrari and it was delivered to my house… and I didn't like it," he declared. Why he thought he would like the LaFerrari Aperta instead is anyone's guess.

There is a happy ending to the story, though. Henn is looking to move on from his breakup with Ferrari and has already found a new younger model: the Acura NSX. Indeed, Henn went on to publicly declare his affections for Acura: "I just sent a letter [to Acura] about how I like the NSX. It is the best damn car I have ever had. It is unbelievable. It is really, really a great car and it is $200,000 versus… well, the last Ferrari I got from them, not the LaFerrari, the last one I got, I forgot what it's called, it was a Spider, whatever it is, but it was $750,000. And this is so much better at $200,000." Sounds like love at first sight.

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