The Hardcore BMW M2 CS Will Reportedly Arrive In 2020

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The rumors are true. An M2 CS is coming.

Just this week, our spy photographers spotted a BMW M2 test mule lapping the Nurburgring. The test mule is rumored to be a new variant of the M2, which will be even more hardcore than the recently revealed M2 Competition, likely called the CS or CSL. The M2 CS and CSL have been rumored for a while now, with the CS acting as a US-exclusive while the CSL is sold around the world. Sources at BMW Blog claim to know exactly what this rumored M2 will be as well as when we can expect the car to enter production.

BMW Blog says "what we can say with a high degree of confidence is that BMW M is indeed planning a more hardcore version of their M2 Competition model which is scheduled to arrive in 2020."

The outlet even claims that the car will go into production in March of 2020, giving it a one year run before the next generation M2 arrives.

Some BMW enthusiasts have been hoping for a revival of the CLS name, but BMW Blog says "many of the media, including us, have labeled the new M2 as the CSL model, in fact, the upcoming, limited super-sporty M2 will carry the M2 CS badge on its boot. This falls in line with the other CS models of the M family (M3 CS, M4 CS), so it comes as no surprise that the CS name was reserved for the M2 as well."


We would assume that the M2 CS would be a limited edition model, but BMW Blog doesn't seem to know what the production number might be. Depending on the source, this could be our confirmation that the M2 CS is on its way. Little else is known about the car, other than it will likely be lighter and produce more power than the M2 Competition. We don't know if it will be quite as extreme as the renderings by Monholo Oumar pictured here, but it should be a spectacular car nonetheless.

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