The History of the G-Class in 3 Minutes

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The legendary Gelandewagen has been around since 1979. Mercedes-Benz takes us back.

Most vehicles need replacing every few years, but not the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. It's been refined over the years, but the SUV available today is essentially the same as it was at its introduction 1979. That's before most of us were born, yet the Gelandewagen soldiers on. Mercedes tried to replace it in 2006 with the more modern GL-Class, but demand saw the original continue right alongside. By now the G-Class is so hopelessly behind that Benz is going to have to replace it in order to keep it ahead of the regulations. But that won't be easy.

To highlight the point, Mercedes has released this brief three-minute history lesson into what, exactly, the G-Wagen is all about. Mercedes-Benz Classic guru Michael Bock and designer Volker Leutz show us why the G-Class will be so dearly missed by off-roading purists when it is finally replaced by a newer model.

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