The Holden Hurricane Makes a Triumphant Return in Melbourne

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Time has proven that the 1969 Holden Hurricane Concept truly was the 'car of the future.'

Digital displays. GPS. Rear-view CCTV camera. Hydraulic door-entry system. Auto-seeking radio system. Smart AC system. 4.2-liter Holden V8 engine with 262hp output. Those may not sound revolutionary to you, however back in 1969, the Holden Hurricane introduced these amazing technologies and more to the automotive world. 42 years ago in Melbourne, Australia, Holden unveiled their 'car of the future.'

It's truly incredible how right they were, since most of the future-tech features in the 1969 Hurricane concept car are now considered standard in regular models on today's roads. Since its ground-breaking debut at the Melbourne Motor Show, the car has been sort of wasting away. A dedicated team of restorers, however, have been working diligently since 2006 to make the car show-worthy again. "At Holden we have always prided ourselves on our ability to look into the future through our concept cars," said Michael Simcoe, executive director of General Motors International Operations.

"It's amazing to think that the features we take for granted today were born out of creative minds over 40 years ago." Check out the finished Holden Hurricane concept in the photos and look for it to reappear in Melbourne sometime soon.

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