The Homer Proves Powerful Like A Gorilla, Takes 5th At LeMons

Even when you glue a bunch of crap to a BMW, it's still a BMW.

Devoted fans of both The Simpsons and CarBuzz will recall that a replica of “The Homer”, a car designed by its namesake in season 2, ran at this year’s 24 Hours of LeMons. On the TV show, the car bankrupted the company building it, but the replica fared a bit better. In fact, the car took 5th despite losing 4th gear and needing a transmission swap. Some talented driving made up for the lost time and we have a video of the car on the track with some other ridiculous cars.

Homer had claimed on the show that the engine’s noise would make other drivers think that “the world is coming to an end”. The replica doesn’t quite do that, but the BMW underpinnings do at least make for a good track car.

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