The Honda Accord Sport Will Make You Forget About Crossovers


For those looking for a BMW 3 Series on a budget.

The BMW 3 Series is the de facto benchmark for sports sedan manufacturers, and in recent years Asian carmakers have made great strides in matching their European counterparts in terms of build quality and driving dynamics. The Honda Accord Sport arguably offers the greatest performance for your buck of all the family sedans on the market today, to the extent that buyers laser-focused on crossovers might consider getting a sedan. For a change.

In the recent refresh for 2016, Honda gave the Accord a new front end with chrome trim, sleeker headlights, larger 19-inch wheels, and in our latest unboxing video we reveal just how these latest upgrades make the Accord Sport such a compelling case.

The Accord Sport is fun-to-drive, its 2.4-liter inline four offering 189 hp and 182 lb-ft of torque, there's plenty of space and comfort for a family, and there's has one crucial thing going for it. It's not a crossover.

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