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The Honda Civic Type R Pickup Will Blow The Doors Off A Ridgeline

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This one-off show car/truck could set a new record at the Nurburgring.

With the Ridgeline, Honda has shown it can make a pickup truck as good as anyone else. But this... this is something else entirely. A team of specialists from the product engineering department at Honda's factory in the UK built this one-of-a-kind pickup based on the Civic Type R. And as you might expect, it'd blow all four doors right off the Ridgeline – or pretty much any other pickup on the road, for that matter.

Known internally as Project P, the concept replaces the liftgate and rear seats on the production Civic hatchback and replaces them with a cargo bed. And the result is rather... shall we say, "different." The show car (er... truck, whatever) retains the Type R's powertrain, though. In European spec, the 2.0-liter turbo four kicks out 320 metric horsepower (ten more than the US version). That gives it a 0-62 time of under six seconds, a top speed in excess of 165 miles per hour, and a benchmark Nurburgring lap time clocked at 7:43.8, making it the fastest front-driver ever to round the Nordschleife.

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Honda says it could even take the one-off pickup to the same German circuit to see if it could set a new lap record for the fastest front-drive pickup. The manufacturer adds emphatically, though, that it won't put the concept into production. So if you're tempted by what you see, you'll have to buy your own Civic Type R from your local dealership, and a hacksaw from your nearest hardware store.