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The Honda E’s High-Tech Interior Makes Us Envious

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This is what America is going to miss out on.

Honda presented the E Prototype Urban EV at this year's Geneva Motor Show to preview the production version of the adorable Urban EV Concept that will debut later this year. We've loved the elegant, retro-inspired exterior since the concept debuted at the 2017 Frankfurt Auto Show, but the interior is just as radical. Honda has highlighted some of the cabin's design, tech and connectivity features, which the automaker claims will set a new benchmark in the EV segment.

Dominating the front of the cabin is a full-width digital dashboard that allows users to enjoy the car's connected services whether it's driving, parked, or charging. Five integrated high-resolution color screens spread across the entire width of the interior. Side Camera Mirror System screens are also positioned at either end of the dashboard, while the Center Camera Mirror System display relays the image from a central rear-facing camera to increase the driver's field of vision. In front of the driver is an 8.8-inch instrument display presenting key information including power and charge status, the selected drive mode, and safety feature details.

A pair of 12.3-inch LCD touchscreens occupy the largest area of the full-width digital dashboard, with infotainment displays presenting a range of smart applications and services. The interface is intuitive and highly customizable, with smartphone-style usability and swipe controls that let users browse recently used applications.

Content can also be swapped across the two screens, allowing the passenger to swipe content such as navigation instructions into the driver's line of sight. Two applications can be displayed side-by-side, so the driver can follow navigation instructions while the passenger browses music playlists, for example.

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Applications can be accessed using voice commands via the Honda Personal Assistant, a smart AI service that uses unique contextual understanding to create natural conversations and provide access to a range of online services. Over time, the technology can develop a greater understanding of individual voices, allowing it to deliver more accurate responses. Social media, music and other internet services can also be viewed on the dual touchscreens via smartphone mirroring using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

A separate smartphone application can be used to access charging functions, detailed vehicle status, climate control, security and location monitoring, as well as lock and unlock the Honda E. Sadly, the Honda E won't be available in America, but its new EV platform could underpin future models in the US.