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The Honda Odyssey Was Streaming Adult Entertainment To Children

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Awkward, to say the least.

Right, so this happened. Forbes was recently test driving the new 2018 Honda Odyssey when it discovered something most parents probably wouldn't approve their kids watching: porn. During a Fourth of July family road trip, writer Joan Muller was making some rear seat entertainment selections and, well, some of the choices included the following: "Gladiator Eroticus," "Kinky Kong," and "An Erotic Werewolf in London." Our personal favorite title was "Lord of the G-Strings."

These porn films were all available, at the time, via the EPIX premium entertainment network. Yes, "Erotic" was a genre option, smack dab alphabetically in between "Documentary' and "Horror." Needless to say, Muller was surprised by what she found available on the 10.2-inch drop-down screen. A quick text to Honda sent the automaker scrambling to find a fix. Honda immediately got in touch with EPIX, based in New York, to find a way to stop the "Erotic" streaming. Within a few hours the issue was resolved. Okay, so how did EPIX not figure this problem out before occupants of America's best-selling minivan discovered the issue?

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Forbes points out that the new Odyssey is the first Honda with over-the-air system updates for its audio and rear entertainment systems, so it's fair to say this was a first-time honest mistake. "The adult genre is not part of the Honda package," a company spokesman informed Muller. "When you discovered that, we went into emergency mode to fix it." But Muller also pointed out something very interesting: the new Odyssey has been on sale since May, and about 5,000 examples have been sold. There wasn't a single complaint in that time.