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The Honda Ridgeline Is Laughing At Ford And Chevy Right Now

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Not everyone needs a pickup that can tow 8,000 pounds.

Some have never considered the Honda Ridgeline to be a real pickup truck. After all, it's based on a car platform. However, Bloomberg reports that in the past 12 months, the redesigned Ridgeline has managed to snag 10 percent of the mid-size truck market. We were also hugely impressed by the new Ridgeline during our time with it, and clearly a sizeable chunk of truck buying America is as well. "This is a very capable truck that meets the needs of a vast majority of buyers," general manager of American Honda Motor Co. Jeff Conrad told Bloomberg.

"For somebody who doesn't care about towing 8,000 pounds...it's perfect." Over the past year, nearly 40,000 Ridgelines were sold in the US, or one out of every 10 mid-size trucks. Furthermore, not only did the Ridgeline steal sales away from the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon and Toyota Tacoma, but it also attracted those who'd typically opt for a sedan, such as a Honda Accord. In fact, Honda even claims it could've sold even more Ridgelines, but its Alabama production facility couldn't keep up with demand. Unlike traditional mid-size and large pickup trucks, the Honda Ridgeline is built on a unibody platform – not a body-on-frame design. But it's still quite capable of performing truck duties.

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The Ridgeline actually shares its platform, although modified, with the Pilot crossover. Another possible reason for the Ridgeline's success is the fact that Ford, for now at least, doesn't offer a mid-size truck of its own. That'll change in a couple of years when the Ranger makes its triumphant return. For now, the Ridgeline is thriving and will very likely continue to do so, even with fresh competition. The Ridgeline is, simply put, the right size truck, with the right features (that in-bed hidden trunk for ice cold beverages is awesome), and at the right price for the times. Bravo, Honda.