The Humvee Replacement Won't Be Built By Lockheed But Lockheed Won't Accept That


Is this just a case of sore losers?

Back in September, we reported that Lockheed Martin and AM General lost out on a nearly $7 billion contract to build the US military's Humvee replacement to Wisconsin-based Oshkosh Corp. The latter's proposal, the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV), will begin taking over the Humvee in the near future, but not if Lockheed has anything to do with it. In our previous article, Lockheed had just lodged an official protest with the Government Accountability Office (GAO) over the decision.

But earlier this month Lockheed went a step further. According to, the defense contractor filed a "Notice of Post-Award Bit Protest" with the Federal Claims Courting, which stated that Lockheed intended to file a formal complaint with the court in the middle of this month. And that's exactly what happened. On December 16, Lockheed officials claimed, in court documents, that they "were made aware of a substantial number of documents directly related to the competition that were not provided to the GAO or Lockheed Martin until very late in the protest process."

"We believe this newly discovered information should have been considered by the GAO before issuing a ruling on the protest, however, GAO declined to grant an extension to the 100-day deadline and could not consider the new documents," states Lockheed. GAO tossed out Lockheed September protest and Oshkosh continued its work. Sounds like Lockheed Martin is a sore loser here.

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