The Hyundai Ioniq 5 Will Make Retro Cool Again

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It makes far better use of wedges than the Tesla Cybertruck.

Hyundai has been on a roll of late. Besides the launch of its stunning new Tucson, the brand has also revealed an all-electric subsidiary that will sit alongside its Genesis luxury arm, along with the original Hyundai and Kia brands. This brand is called Ioniq and is already proving its value by bolstering Hyundai's share price. The first model to bear the new name is called the Ioniq EV and it seems to be a proper Tesla competitor. The vehicle we're really excited about, however, is the Ioniq 5, and this is what it will look like.

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Based on the boldly styled 45 Concept, the electric crossover has very angular styling. In fact, the front end seems to draw a lot of inspiration from the classic Alfa Romeo SZ. Unfortunately, this render from TopElectricSUV only addresses the front of the vehicle, but based on what we know from spy shots, it seems pretty clear that the production version of the Ioniq 5 will follow much of the concept's styling theme throughout its own design. Coupled with the fact that Hyundai has been building a reputation for unveiling production cars that look as radical as concepts, we're pretty sure that the Ioniq 5 will look very similar to the original concept.

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Unfortunately, there's not too much information available on the new electric crossover, and the expected October 2021 reveal of Hyundai's E-GMP electric platform has also been postponed with no explanation. This means that we'll have to wait a little longer to elaborate on details. That being said, you can expect better range and acceleration from the Ioniq 5 than the Hyundai Kona EV can provide, along with a solar panel-clad roof. Of course, that will likely mean a higher price too, but it should be worth the money. As soon as the official launch happens sometime early next year, we'll report on all the important stuff you need to know about this stunning new EV.

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